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EOT Shed

Shed for EOT cranes is available in various sizes, dimensions and colours. It is widely preferable for covering the roofs of factories in order to prevent extreme weather conditions. Our offered EOT Crane Shed is known for their scratch resistance; withstand extreme temperature, flawless finish sturdiness. In order to create our offered crane, we procure components from some of the most trusted vendors in the market. A wide range of heavy engineering industries use it, including steel, machinery, automobile manufacturing, docks, railway stations, and units.

Features of EOT Shed

• Hoisting and traveling with safety and reliability
• Efficiencies that reduce power consumption
• These have both mechanical and electrical means to travel in both directions and to lift and lower a load
• Wire rope, panels, electrical motors, gearboxes, wheels, and hooks comprise our product, which is known for its high efficiency, thus saving power.


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