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Poultry & EC Farm Construction

Poultry Farm:

Smart Roofs & Fabs is here to present you with genuine models Poultry shed construction and EC farm construction. Maintaining a poultry farm is a great way for business, at the same time you are liable to provide a safe and secure shelter for the poultry. We supply quality sheets and roofs for constructing a safe shelter for your poultry. We are flexible to design as per the customers’ need to ensure that customer satisfaction is a very important factor to us.

EC farm:

We believe that automation and technology are the key drivers that enhance the infrastructure with automated technology. In addition, the entire feeding and watering systems are fully automated. The entire farm is operated and controlled from a single computer-based system.

Advantages of an Environmentally Controlled shed

• Save time and labor as it requires one efficient person to take control and operate
• Increased survival rate of birds
• Easy to Complete controlled poultry equipment
• Complete automated poultry equipment


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