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Metal Building

Chennairoofings is the most influential metal building contractor among all the metal building construction companies in Chennai. With more than 15 years of experience in Metal building engineering, we build sustainable metal building solutions for manufacturing facilities. The construction process of a steel building starts with the design and engineering. The purpose of structural engineering is to analyze the foundations and initialize the design of Steel buildings.

The structure of a metal building is the connection of the primary framing, the secondary framing and the cladding. The metal building fabrication process for industrial construction starts immediately after site preparation for perfect completion and finishing. We deliver sustainable and cost-effective construction for pre-engineered buildings. The roofing system for the modular buildings is constructed along with the cladding and roofing, which helps us to finish quick build metal buildings for warehouses. The metal building design for the turnkey construction is constructed with manufacturing facilities like wall panels, insulation, permit and approvals. Contact us to get a free quote and calculate the cost of a metal building for your dream project.


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